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Dirty Bird was established in early 2009 by Brian & Whitney, just two people with a passion for cars & creating things. It's a perfect team. Great ideas, creativity, ingenuity, and an appreciation for all things cool.

I am a graphic designer who grew up in a family whose lives revolved around cars and art… I guess it just kind of rubbed off. Brian is a mechanic who can build just about anything and solve any problem. He is also pretty good at keeping me in order and focused as it seems I have the attention span of a fly.

We stumbled upon a used screen printing machine, one thing lead to another and here we are today. We figured it would be an awesome way to spend our time and a way to support our habit… especially since we were already going to a lot of shows and lovin’ every minute of it. I guess we just can’t get enough.

We are always expanding and coming up with new ideas. That’s pretty much what we’ve got goin’ on, hope you like it. I mean after all bitchin’ people need bitchin’ clothes!


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